Reason why..


There, is a master plan, in store 4 you

If you make it through….

The best is yet 2 come…….. Reasons and seasons, will be up and mad downs…

But with the masters plan the pain, is only a time frame,,,

God’s peace and intimate love is FOREVER…


About tealteam

I am God's Suvivior,Samantha... An Empowering and Innovative advocate for the Sexually Abused and Assaulted Victims in Milwaukee and surrounding areas…My Blog is a place, where children, parents, teenagers and educators can come to enchance there awarness and even more the resource to assist them..I'm willing and ready to express the awareness on the topic of dealing with, the HUGE TOPIC OF THE TABOO subject of SEXUAL ABUSE and ASSAULT. All things We can do Through Jesus Christ that Strengthens ALL OF US...

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